What do you do when you want to work, but finding a job that you can do without needing a "worker" standing beside you all day, just isn't there.  Well, my dad says you create one! So, we talked about the things I like to do and we realized that I am really good at coloring.  I have been coloring pages and pages for the past few years and I love it.  And, it just happens that my dad likes to work with wood.  He says it gives him a nice break from his day job as a police officer.  He worked as a State Trooper for 25 years and worked Major Crimes for 20 of those years.  Now retired, he is working as a Police Officer in our local town.  He has now been there for 7 years.  Sometimes he just needs a break in his "man cave" and he creates things with wood, like potato bins, pie safes, and FLAGS!!!


One day he asked me if I wanted to help.  I said yes and he showed me how to rub the stain on the boards and let it rest and then wipe it off.  I liked it a lot!  Then he showed me how to stencil the stars on the flags and that really was fun because it is a lot like coloring.  I get to help him put the hangers on the back of the flags. I've even learned how to glue and use the nail gun!


My dad said we should start a company where I could build flags to sell to people.  Mom and Dad said it was time for me to have a job, and I love it.


That is how Flagsup! was started.  Dad and I do the woodworking in the shop and my Mom checks our work and if it is good enough and passes her inspections, it goes on sale.  If not, we sand it and redo it.


By the way, did I mention I have Down Syndrome?  Mom and Dad say it is the best extra chromosome ever!


Thank you for visiting and I'm looking forward to filling your order.




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