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This is a beautiful flag made with Pine Wood, burned and stained with your choice of finish and size

Our Small Flags are approximately 6.5 inches tall, 13 inches wide and a depth of .75 inches ($65).  Comes with a wood dowel so it can be displayed on a desktop.

Our Medium Flags are about 13 inches tall, 24 inches wide and a depth of 2.25 inches ($100)

Our Large Flags are approximately 19.5 inches, Width: 37 inches, and depth: 2.25 inches.($225)


The wood is slightly burned to bring out the wood grain which is visible through the stain.  After all is assembled you have a choice of painted or carved stars .

There are three shelves, perfect for holding challenge coins or small memorabilia.  The flags will hold approximately 50-100 coins.  The small flag has two shelves holding about 10 coins.


The flags come in multiple color schemes that you can choose at checkout

Thin Blue Line

Thin Red Line


Other (write you requestion in "notes" on checkout)


The union can also be done with either the standard 50 Stars or the Betsy Rose (13) stars and 1776 displayed or other military combinations.  


These Challenge Coin Displays, like all other FlagsUp! flags, are each individually made by hand.  No two flags are the same.  There may be slight differences between what you see in pictures and what your personal flag looks like. 




Challenge Coin Display Rack-Holder. Rustic American Flag

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